Thursday, May 28, 2009

My thoughts!

My thoughts haven't really changed that much when it comes to work and my future work life. I just have a better understanding of certain aspects that my career demands. I have definitely learned the deeper side to various jobs. Even thou a job might not seem physically hard, it can be emotionally hard.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bonus Post (Tuition Hikes)

The budget hearing was very informative to me. I heard about the hike but i didn't realize how much of an issue it was until i went to the hearing. If tution goes up it would definitely affect me because school is already expensive and getting financial aide isn't always a guarantee. They want us to get an education but make it damn near impossible by making schools so expensive. It's crazy how they are so quick to cut money from the school's budget but they won't cut back on their high life living and pay.

Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Patterson both disappointed me alot, i thought highly of them at first until i saw the sneaky underhanded disgusting things they were doing. Both them should not get re-elected into office. Bloomberg goes on t.v acting like he his trying to help our economy but behind closed doors he's cutting budgets from our schools. patterson's no good self is cutting money from health care. I can say this for Patterson, When he gets to his elderly years...he is gonna need nurses to take care of him and his behind will see the treatment he gets!

Anways, I think all these lying politians need to getkicked off their high horse's. I just hope that something is gonna be done aboout all these budget cuts, whether it's from schools, healthcare, music, etc...I want everything to get back to a nice pace of living and working.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Research Time?

Can the nursing field be alienating?

Is dealing with emotions apart of your daily routine?

Is nursing a gender based career?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Interview Toughts

The person i would love to interview is my mother. She is currently a LPN(Licensed Practical Nurse). My mom has been in the heath field for as long as i can remember, i think she in it before i was even born( i gotta ask her). She was a mid-wife, she use have her own little clinic that was joined to our house. i chose her field because it's a field I'm currently in myself and i would love to know more about it.
The questions that i would like to ask her are:
Do you feel like your mentally alone when your working?
What goes through your mind when you're giving your patients their medicines and/or speaking to them?
Is your career a womens based job?
Are you seeing more male nurse now than when you first started?
How long have you been in the health field?
When did you decide that you wanted to be a nurse?
Do you still feel the same way about it after all these years?
Would you choose another profession if you could at this very moment?
What advice would give me or someone in or going into this field of work?
Do you plan on going further in your field?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Not Following Tradition

Growing up men had the role of being the fixer of things, going to work and taking care of the women. The main type of work i saw guys doing was driving taxes, and working with their hands at construction sites. The women's job was mainly to stay home and take of the house and kids. In my family it was completely different in the sense that the women in my l my family had very nice productive jobs. A lot of of women in my family were either nurses, hair stylists, or they ran some kind of business. i don't believe in being a stay at home housewife. Yes gender as shaped my goals in terms of work, i believe women can do any job we please.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


What gives someone status in their community is the impact they make on it. The things someone does or the choices they make reflects on the community. By praising someone that's doing something good says a lot about the communities values and where they stand.
In my community for instance their is a minister name Floyd Flake. He owns/sponsor's quite few church's, clinics, senior citizen housing and affordable housing along with a bus line. You will see the word Allen AME on the properties he his involved with. He's a very well known African-American in my community because he does such good work which gives him is status.
It's that the values of my community is very compassionate, giving and understanding. These values are the same as mine but i don't really care to aspire to status in my community, if i do that's fine but I'm not jumping for it. I try my best in everything i do and that's that.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My first step!

I am currently enrolled in laquadia as an LPN major. I also work at a nursing and rehabilitation manor 3 day's a week before i started school i used to work there 5 days a week. A day in my life there can be very exciting but also very hard. Everything as it's good and bad points, I love being there cause gives me the opportunity to see what part of the LPN and RN work is like. After seeing different situations i knew that Nursing is field i definitely wouldn't mind going into.

A regular routine for me at my job is coming in to get my assignment together then help set up the residents dinner trays while feeding who can't feed themselves. After supper is finish i start getting the residents on my assignment for bed because i work the 4-12 shift so that's what my particular shift does. i make sure tat they are clean and in bed safely sleeping, then i go and do my accountability's. That's pretty much the light version of what i really do there b/c for those who are thinking about being a CNA which is what i am; Be prepared. Being a CNA is no easy task, I've been doing it for a year.

My workplace is very nice, it would be a place i definitely would consider when i get older. The building as a beautiful outdoor garden and a really nice center yard. The atmosphere can be very nice and warm, everyone laughing but it can also be very hectic only on some days. The only changes i would make when it comes my workplace is better pay. I think CNA's get paid less than what they should be payed. I can't wait to advance in the field of nursing, i know that day will come soon.

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